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With a population of about 53 million England is the largest and most populous part of the UK. It is divided into nine regions, including Greater London with its nearly eight million inhabitants. The regions themselves are again divided into 48 geographic counties, which, however, have to be distinguished from the traditional counties.

The most important rivers of the country are Thames, Severn, Trent, Great Ouse and Humber. The largest cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Off the cities England has a very beautiful nature. Whilst seaside resorts, beaches and picturesque cliffs can be found on the coasts, the interior is a combination of hills, mountains (Lake District), forests, moorlands and meadows, that pass hedges and stonewalls. Numerous national parks show, that in addition to protecting historic buildings the English also feel obliged to landscape conservation.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all do have different school systems, which, it’s true, are akin, but whose contents and structures are determined by the local authorities.

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