Boarding Schools

To live and learn in a cheerful atmosphere which motivates. To gain knowledge. To stand on your own feet away from mum and dad, to broaden your horizon and to still feel part of a strong and close community. To chum up with other like-minded people, compete with them and understand each other. To make friends for the full life.

British boarding schools can offer their students all that and a good deal more as well.

The boarding schools, which cooperate with us, rank among the best schools in the UK. As such they set high standards with regard to transfer of knowledge and values.

Since no school is like the other and all the different schools also do have various structures it is very important to find out, what you and your child want, what you expect from the school and which preferences as well as likes your child has.

Whether gifted in the fine arts, scientifically interested or gifted for sports – there are appropriate boarding schools for all types of students, which set priorities right there where your child has its leanings and talents.

But for independent British boarding schools setting priorities certainly doesn’t mean to be careless of other specialisations and fields of activity. On the contrary you always get a complete package, which makes a sublime, versatilely interested and generally educated individual of your child, who includes values and soft skills in her resp. his everyday life.

By clicking on boarding schools, you can find a selection of the boarding schools which cooperate with us. By clicking on one of the names you can view details on the school concerned.