Application process

First of all please complete our short application form together with your child. After receiving it, we will immediately contact you.

Here you can call up or download our short application file:

Short application form Learning in Britain

Now you have the possibility to arrange a non-committal and no-cost first consulting either at our office or in the course of one of our consulting days in different German cities. You can find out the latest dates of our consulting days either on request or by clicking on News/Consulting dates. If your professional or private obligations shouldn’t allow you to visit us at our office or participate in one of our consulting dates, we could also naturally and willingly visit you at your home for a personal counselling interview.

During our initial consultation we will inform you about all key points of the stazing at a British boarding school and answer all your questions about the approval of such a stay resp. the school leaving certificate, which can be obtained in the framework of such a stay. We will also answer your questions about the length of stay, all costs incurred, possible subject combinations, the reintegration into the German school routine and the future chances, which can arise for your child from such a stay. Furthermore we will get an idea of the educational situation of your child and its personality during our first consulting.

On the basis of all the information about the strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and interests of your child, which we get from you, we will offer you a choice of appropriate boarding schools and take care of the forwarding of the school brochures to you by the relevant schools. At this point we will also charge our processing fee of 180 € (+ VAT).

After you and your child will eventually have made a decision  about applying at one or even several schools, the relevant schools will initially examine the application and invite your child to interviews and selection testings (particularly in English and maths), if they shouldn’t take issues with a possible entrance. By accompanying your child on its journey to Great Britain, you yourself can get an impression of the schools too. That way you will also have the possibility to talk to the headmistress resp. headmaster as well as some teachers and students. Besides you can get an even better idea of the school, its facilities and offers, as well as its atmosphere within a guided tour.

If desired, we will naturally and willingly undertake the complete organisation of your trip, including the booking of the flight or ferry, possibly the booking of a rental car, the hotel or B&B accommodation booking, the coordination of the appointments for the visits and the route planning.

Please note when applying at a British boarding school: Some schools do have a pretty long lead time of more than a year. Most of all the lead time is determined by the demand. But as a family you shouldn’t necessarily assume that schools with a shorter lead time aren’t counted among the best British institutions of education.  Please be assured, that even boarding schools a shorter lead time can be strongholds of educational excellence.