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Schoolgirls in the classroom
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Are you interested in English? Would you like to get a new experience and to learn more about British culture, education and lifestyle? So how about a year aborad at a school in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

Whether you want to study at the British boarding school for a period of one or two years to make an internationally recognized school leaving qualification, spend your summer holidays at a summer school or improve your knowledge of English language at a language school - we offer a great choice for all these options.

The A level graduation and the International Baccalaureate are university entrance certificates, which are also accepted in Germany and elsewhere in the world. But while the A level graduation only applies with limitation and hence you have to qualify for your subsequent studies by a clever selection of your subjects already during your schools years, the International Baccalaureate offers a general university entrance qualification.

Certainly, it is possible to study one or two years at British boarding schools at an earlier stage, and then go back to a German school and get your Abitur. You have large and varied opportunities: So you just need to take advantage of them.

In case that you search for useful info about your occupational orientation or want to catch up on the diverse perspectives which are open to you after your graduation, have a look on the website Schü You can get a general overview there.

If you decide in favour of a consulting by us now, then

  • we examine the school profile at first and recommend an appropriate school to you, which ideally matches your personal profile,

  • we answer all your and your parent’s questions and be on hand with help and advice for you,
  • we provide further detailed information about the school of your choice,

  • we make contact between you and your parents on the one hand and the school on the other hand,

  • in the case of staying in a boarding school, we will plan a trip to the school of your choice, where you can visit it in advance, will be interviewed and have the opportunity to take part in the qualifying test,

  • we will help you to organize your staying, explain all the formalities and give you practical tips on the things, which you might need there and the things, which you can confidently leave at home.

After the beginning of your stay, you will find out, that British culture is not completely foreign to you, because the British and Germans have much in common. But on the other hand you will also notice, that British independent schools offer an atmosphere, which is completely different from the one you know from Germany.

1) The classes are much smaller, so teachers can spend more time on every student and therefore support him much better individually.

2) The schools are more challenging. Not only should you participate in the lessons, but also participate actively elsewhere in the school community.

3) At British public schools discipline matters more than you might be used to from your German school. This fact is reflected in the school uniform, although the sixth formers at many independent boarding schools are already rid of their usage.

4) In addition to the spirit of community, you have to be tolerant. It can quite appear that you have to share a room with another student of the school. So you should be able to get along well with your roommate.  If you live alone, you will meet other students in the common rooms. These students will consider you as the nice person if you show to them tolerance, friendliness and respect.

During your stay at the boarding school you’ll get a so-called guardian, which is a grown person, who takes care of you and helps you with all problems. She or he lives near your school and is available at any time. So you see: In Great Britain everything is provided for. All doors are open to you. Now it’s up to you to go through these doors.

Upon your return home you will probably realise, that you have become a different person. You will be more independent, calmer and a little wiser. Your experience in the United Kingdom will have strengthened your personal skills.

With this you should be ready for the adverseness of German daily routine. But if nevertheless little problems in regard to the reintegration into the German school system should occur, we would help you solving them as a matter of course. We will also be happy to advise you very specifically in terms of all possibilities, which your school days in Great Britain open up to you.