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It is not natural for parents to entrust their own child in the care of someone even for a short period of time. Moreover it is important to know that in the other place your child is well taken care and people worry about him.

All schools presented by our company will assure that your child goes well and all of your child’s interests are respected.  All attention is focused on the students at these schools.

But it’s also our aspiration, that this assured feeling that the child of his own is in safe keeping doesn’t only begin the second, at which you leave your child in the hands of a British education institute, but already the second, at which you charge us with the search for an appropriate school.

In close cooperation with you we will find the perfect school for your child. Subsequently, we will plan your child's stay in the UK from A to Z. Therefore we do not leave anything to chance. As a matter of course, we are also going to throw light on all the chances and opportunities, which could result from your child’s school attendance in Great Britain.

If you decide upon a consulting by us,

  •  we will check the school profile firstly and recommend a suitable school to you, which best meets your child's personal profile.
  • we will respond to all of your questions, always lend a hand and give advise to you.

  • we will convey detailed information to you and your child on the selected school.

  • we will make contact between you and the school.

  • in the case of staying at a boarding school, we will plan a trip to the school of your choice, where the child can visit it in advance, will be interviewed and have the opportunity to take part in the qualifying test.

  • we will help you to organize your child’s staying, explain all the formalities and give you practical tips on the things, which your child might need there and the things, which it can confidently leave at home.

During the boarding stay of your daughter or your son the child’s room will be vacant indeed and during the supper one chair will be empty, but in times of digital communication you will still be able to exchange views.  Via Skype, email, SMS or phone calls you will quite easily be able to communicate regularly.

Settling in at a British boarding school usually proceeds without any problems. From the very beginning of its stay your child will be involved in a group of classmates. The teachers and a guardian  will provide the necessary support. New friendships will help to facilitate homesickness.

Small classes and highly motivated teachers provide a high level of education and at the same time make learning enjoyable and fun. Various leisure and sports activities will ensure the necessary balance. Your child will not only improve its scholastic knowledge, but also become more confident and gain social skills.

If your child is happy with staying in the United Kingdom, an extension of stay could be considered. If you do not mind, we could get all the features of such an extension and assist you in making all the necessary further action.
At the end of its stay, you will realise that your child has changed more than just visually.  Your daughter or son will have acquired a great experience as well as many positive characteristics.

After completion of staying, we would be glad to present recommendations for your child and to help with a possibility of choice of area of research.

If we should have aroused your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. If desired, we can also send you our information brochure without any commitment. For this purpose just enter the word “brochure” together with your address data in the text box please. You’ll get mail after a few days then.