Summer Schools

Summer school stays are on offered both by renowned boarding schools and some of the best British language schools. They take place in the summer period, mainly in July and August, when the German school students are also on summer break, and are addressed to young people of different ages.

There are summer schools for children at the age of eight years and over, but also for adolescents at the age of fifteen to eighteen years. In both cases, young people can get to know the life at a boarding school and participate in an leisure activities, adapted to their age. As a rule,  such programmes include the wide range of  sport activities, dramas and music, as well as various excursions.

The participants in the summer school programme come from all over the world, which is why it is an excellent opportunity to come into new international contacts.

But of course the key point of the summer schools is their excellent course offer, which includes particular immersion courses for many purposes and fields of application. Whilst the junior students can participate in preparatory language courses, which will introduce them to the English language, the older ones can choose between immersion language courses and A-level preparatory courses. Therefore the learning issue is always ranked first in every summer school, whereby the fun factor also never comes too short.

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