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With your school-leaving qualification, which you have earned in Germany or Great Britain, you want to study at a British institution of higher education? In that case we contribute you on this plan, because many things suggest that:

1) Courses at British universities and colleges are much less crowded than at German universities and colleges in Germany. Usually they are limited to a maximum of 40 participants, and that is why there are no crowded audiences in the United Kingdom.

2) It is possible to get a bachelor’s degree after three years, while in Germany, it is normally necessary to study four years.

3) One of the advantages of studying in the UK is also the famous British model of education. In Great Britain than anywhere else, time- proven traditions are combined with modern conditions of learning and transfer of up-to date scientific knowledge.

There are altogether 112 UK universities and university colleges. Which ordinarily enjoy a good reputation. So it is not justified to consider only the most famous universities of Oxford and Cambridge. To be added are further 60 colleges resp. Institutes of Higher Education and likewise a high number of so-called Polytechnics, which are comparable to German Fachhochschulen.  Therefore the level of science and studies is also high outside of Oxford and Cambridge.

The study in the United Kingdom is comprised of an undergraduate and a graduate part. While the first part is kept rather universal, the knowledge is deepened in the second part. At it already the graduation of the triennial undergraduate study is qualifying for a profession.  If desired, the postgraduate study can follow on the undergraduate one, whereby the former can again be finished after three years. With a postgraduate degree you can keep studying until you’re awarded the doctoral degree based on research.

In Great Britain the institutes of higher education govern themselves, which is why they can decide on the awarding of study places according to their own guidelines. However one has to apply for a fulltime undergraduate study at a central office, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).  The German Abitur or Fachabitur is required for that.

By contrast it is necessary to address the petition for a postgraduate study directly to the respective institution of higher education. This institution will then decide on entrance or refusal individually. At least a bachelor degree is required for that. Unfortunately a successfully taken prediploma from a German university is insufficient.

If you want to experience more about the topic “studying in Great Britain”, just give us a call please. We will advise you with pleasure and analyse your chances and possibilities. Furthermore our local partner apply2university can give you an extensive support in regard to your application for a study place at a British university. On the website of apply2university you can get further information.